The Family

Notos Distillery is a private liqueur company founded in Greece under the name “Chios” in 1893 by Panagiotis Agouridis when he moved from Chios island to Patras. Chios was one of the first distilleries in Greece and Patras, starting as an Ouzo an Tentoura liqueur production and bottling company.

In 1930, the first official award was given in Brussels, Belgium recognizing the high quality of Ouzo and Tentoura liqueurs being produced and bottled according to traditional recipes by Panagiotis Agouridis. Our company won first prize at the International De Enfant Exhibition. Since then our organization has received many awards for the specialized blending and delicate taste of our products.


Four generations later, Notos Distillery remains innovative and reliable in its field. Our company continues to produce high-quality products using the same original and traditional recipes that we used when we were founded in 1893.

We work closely with our partners to understand their individual requirements in order to develop tailored proposals for their specific needs and markets. By working closely with our distributors we’ve been able to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships, which is our top priority.

Notos Distillery strives to create authentic quality distillates while making our products accessible to wine and spirits enthusiasts worldwide, while also creating value for our customers, distributors, and colleagues. We continue to train and develop our team to keep our competence, competitiveness, and awareness in top form while maintaining a balanced and friendly working environment.

Notos Distillery


Notos Distillery produces a wide range of innovative new drinks, liqueurs, syrups, and distillates. While maintaining a 140-year tradition in the process and technique of fine distillation. Our primary goal is to find better ways to serve the premium domestic and international markets.

Our company invests so that we can become even better – in modern production, marketing, and logistical methods. Notos Distillery is fully equipped to operate as a full-fledged ‘spirits’ laboratory with the ability for mass production. We attach great importance to researching different production methods while respecting the uniqueness and characteristics of each batch of products.