Ouzo Anthos

In 1893 Panagiotis N. Agouridis founded the distillery ‘Chios’ in Patras, specially indicating his homeland. He had already learned the art of distillation, a process that he continuously improved in order to contribute to the balanced taste and the particular character that Ouzo Notos emits, combining aromatic seeds, flowers, roots and fruits.

Today – four generations later – our ouzo, thanks to the high quality of raw materials, excellent traditional technique of distillation in copper stills and modern bottling methods, remains on top top. This excellent quality has been awarder with two world renowned awards: the first in 1930 in Brussels (Belgium), in the International Exhibition De L’Enfant where the company won the first place, and the second on September 26, 1937 at the Thessaloniki International Fair, where the company was awarded the gold medal on the round of praise, concerning to the unique preparation and refined taste of our ouzo and liqueur.




750ml – 2L