Great Products start in the distillery

Since the founding of our company in 1893,  Notos Distillery has been manufacturing the highest quality products, which we can proudly say have won multiple awards.

The excellent quality and uniqueness of Notos Distillery’s spirits and liqueurs can be attributed to our use of 100% natural extracts.

All production takes place under stringent safety and hygiene protocols, which are rigorously checked and recorded in detail daily. The well-organized complete examination of each bottle being marketed ensures product safety and full compliance with the highest of standards.

Made with love since generations

Customers of Notos Distillery always get what they deserve, which is the best. To achieve this, every drop we produce is made with love. The experience, passion, and craftsmanship of our small, traditional company has led to a product of unparalleled quality. The raw materials we use are the same ones that our grandparents has lovingly used for years in preparing pure, delicious, original Greek recipes.


All products are created under the most recently updated regulations. We are certified to ensure the highest quality.

The Approach

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