The founder establishes our company

Our history begins when Panagiotis Agouridis, coming from Chios, founded the distillery 'Chios' in Patras. The production and bottling of Ouzo and Tentoura are the primary goals of the newly established company.


The quality is born

The first official recognition and award for the high quality of Ouzo and Tentoura came in 1930 in Brussels, Belgium, at the International Exhibition De L'Enfant, where the 'Agouridis' company secured the first place.


The gold medal

Seven years later, on September 26th , the company was awarded the gold medal with honors at the International Exhibition in Thessaloniki. The award recognized the specialized production and the refined taste of our Ouzo and liqueurs.


The Next Gen

The third generation takes over under the name 'Andreas Agouridis Sons Distillers' The production is enriched with alcoholic beverages and more liqueurs.


Automation begins

The headquarters is moved to a privately-owned 600 m2 building in the center of Patras. The company begins the production of Vodka, Gin, Schnapps, and tailored products. New production line running at 3.000 bph capacity is installed.


A millennial step

It acquires an industrial property outside Patras with a total area of 10,000 m2 and 1,600 m² of buildings. In 2001, the headquarters is relocated.


The expansion

Construction of a new 265 m² building takes place following the installation of a new production line of isobaric type with the capability of bottling sparkling wines and carbonated products.



The 4th generation takes over the distillery, modernizing the way it operates, the company is certified with ISO 22000 and development of custom private label products begins.


Modern logo, same old recipes

The company changes its legal form to a private capital company under the name Notos Distillery, simultaneously it goes under certification with FSSC v.5.


The milestone

We celebrate 130 years with you, producing more than 190 labels under our own brand and 30 products under private label. Official lunch of still wine bottling with 6 new entries to our portfolio.



Our goal. Earn the appreciation of our customers regarding our business principles, our reliability, our responsible operation and most importantly, the quality of our products.